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    Need feedback on IMA barrel

    Don’t know about IMA, but Pike has worked fine for me with two barrels I have tried.
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    Coastal 9mm MIMS soooooo quiet

    Do you know what materials it is made of?
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    GSL Phoenix-Gemtech MK-9k Mount question

    How’d you go about finding a short Uzi mount?
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    DES lower install questions

    Regarding a converted IMI, the DES lower takes an 8mm pin whereas a converted IMI would take a 9mm pin unless it had been converted to 8mm. They are indeed a cheap source of spare parts. If you look enough, you can find them for around $50.
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    Police Model origins

    There is one for sale on Sturm. Looks like it has a different rear sight than the usual, but I have no idea if that is a modification or original factory variant.
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    DES lower install questions

    I believe so.
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    Any black friday deals out there? That’s the Uzi category in general. Should be able to see the deals within.
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    Practical Solutions Uzi-style folding stock

    Love the Tiffany blue. Just out of curiosity, how do you like the MRO optic height with that setup?
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    Practical Solutions Uzi-style folding stock

    That's more or less the same package I am working towards. I've got a CFW-a bolt and Baby Ghost. I've also got some iron sights that are very similar to the CZ Scorpion sights (Occam sights), but I'm not sure if I would use those or just stick a red dot on it. I'm generally a big fan of iron...
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    Practical Solutions Uzi-style folding stock

    Thanks for the information. Were yours the version that use a screw and plate to secure the stock or do they rely on the OEM stock securing/retracting mechanism to hold them in place?
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    Practical Solutions Uzi-style folding stock

    Do you like it? Did you have PS make it with the milled slots or modify it? Does it wobble around using the MAC OEM stock release mechanism to hold it on?
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    Practical Solutions Uzi-style folding stock

    I'm looking at one of these for my M11 .380. Does anyone have one of these? If so, how do you like it? On the standard model where it folds on the right side and the buttpad sits under the gun, it looks like the buttpad is a bit offset from the centerline/bore axis of the gun when the stock is...
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    Need Some Ideas To Raise Cash For Tenko Resubmition

    I don’t know if it is a good idea or not, but I have some friends who got a home equity line of credit based on the fact that their house had gone up in value since they first bought it (still under mortgage). I’m sure there are some risks though since I assume your house is the collateral in...
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    Need a suppressor cover.

    These folks make a nice silicone one:
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    You guys ever bench rest your FA UZI? What kind of groups do you get?

    Does anyone know the MOA difference between the 100yd and 200yd peeps on an Uzi?
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    Barrel markings of an otherwise unmarked UZI

    On the very left edge of the barrel picture, you have what looks sorta like a “d” or “p” in a circle. I believe that is a IMI proofmark. If you go to the third picture from bottom (the 9x21 barrel) at this link, you can see a similar proof mark:
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    New M11 video

    I would like to see what he could do with a Baby Ghost, red dot, and PS or Lage stock. Garand is a good shooter IMO.
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    Gauging Interest in Tungsten Slow Fire Bolts Richard confirmed you should not do so and explains why at the above link, second post.
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    Gauging Interest in Tungsten Slow Fire Bolts

    I think no matter what it says on the bolt, no one will forget it’s your brain child.

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