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    AC556 Bolt replacement

    I bought a 187 series bolt from a mini14 off ebay. Put it in my AC556 and it closed on a go gauge and would not close on a no go gauge. Took it out, and it functioned fine.
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    Fast Loader for M10 and M11 Mags!!! This is the best
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    recommended options for re-bbl AC556F They will rebarrel your gun
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    Mac10-9mm mag loader?

    Not my video but good watch for 9mm mags
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    New Toy

    Too bad they dont make the scar stock anymore. I should sell mine as I never use it
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    Reliability problem with AC556F

    You can do it with assembled bolts
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    Reliability problem with AC556F

    I have head space gauges. I've tested them with my AC556 and 187 series mini. They all headspace the same. Not sure if my bolt was out of tolerance or not for the extractor mounting or ruger changed the extractor slightly. After wearing out the original I put a replacement one in and started...
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    New Toy

    Can get expensive too. I ended up getting a scar stock and 22 conversion.
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    Reliability problem with AC556F

    Mine did something similar. I shaved the mating surface on the extractor that mates against the bolt. This will cause the extractor to hold the brass tighter. This slight mod fixed my gun. I also had a spare 187 series mini bolt that would run 100% in my AC556 so I knew it was something with my...
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    AC Selector Lever

    Ac556s must be disassembled and assembled with the gun in semi auto. If it is not you run the risk of breaking or bending parts. Sounds like yours is bent
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    Sage Scar stock

    I have one I may sell for the right offer
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    Mac 10 9mm speed loader...

    Got my spoon today and clips.. The ak74 clips makes loading the mags easy.
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    Mac 10 9mm speed loader...

    Yea I bought the 74... dyslexia when i typed reply
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    Mac 10 9mm speed loader...

    The video just got me to buy the AK47 spoon and clips... Its worth saving my thumb.
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    GG&G picitinny mount

    May work well with a new mini but no AC556 will be able to use it
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    The FATD Is Making Us Crazy

    My recent form 4 transfer only took 5 months. Not sure if having a C&R FFL helped, but we put it on the form 4.
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    Good indoor C3 range in Dallas

    Crossfire in flower mound Its near the airport. Theyll let you fire without tether, they dont need to see your form 4... vet owner. Heck if you can show him that you can draw and fire safely from holster... he will let yoy
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    New Stock

    Nope. Sage stocks are not machined fully to accommodate 30rd mags. You may need to file the front of the magwell to get enough clearance. I had to on mine and now 30s go in easy and detach.
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    New Stock

    I had to file the front of my sage stock so that I could remove the 30rd mags.
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    Lage Upper ignoring selector switch?

    My lage MAX-10/9 mk2 fires only semi when I put the selector on semi and auto when I put it on auto.

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