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    USMachinegun Sidecocker Upper (notched)

    I've owned a few sidecocker uppers for my notched barrel M10/45's for quite some time. Yesterday, one of the uppers failed...snapped the lower back section off due to the bolt deforming the upper downward as it ran. I know I'm likely seeing some egging on the forward lower holes but I can take...
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    Gemtech Viper Rebranding by GSL Technologies

    The Viper was the best can Gemtech made! Glad I own a few but I was just looking to add another and couldn't find it on Gemtech's website... Thanks to the guys on Uzitalk, I now know why. Keep us posted. M10/45 with a Viper is incredible.
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    Mac 10 magazine catch issue

    For best results 'tune' your GG mags to your M10 with a three-sided file. Takes just a couple minutes per mag and they'll be SNUG and LOCK into place with the factory mag release. That combo one was never 100% right for my Macs.
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    Your opinion? Best "MAC" ever...and why?

    M10/45 Suppressed (and I own just about every Mac variant). My preferred setup is PS M10/45 with USMG sidecocker and Gemtech Viper. It screams. Why y'all trying to slow them down all the time? That's just not in my DNA. Does anyone make a Ti bolt for the M10/45? Got one for one of my Uzis and...
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    What’s the deal on M10 prices? Is $8k asked by Ruben for real?

    Ruben has been a good friend and supplier of my high-end MG's for years. Yes, he charges more (and I live in FL/taxed) but I'm not risking $20K-$50K on a 'dealer'/seller across the country. Just not worth the effort/risk. You pay for it but the guy's 100% reliable. Like any dealer, he's not...
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    Belf fed 9mm upper

    The thickness of the gas tube. You can run the hell out of them. Own a couple and 89lx is right...much better then messing around with an ARES. I wasted untold hours 'tuning' links and testing ammo. My LMG uppers and Betas just RUN until you're tired of shooting. Get: KNS spade grip and an...
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    US Machinegun upper receivers

    This... FWIW: I only run USMG uppers on my M10/45's and Lage's (speediest bolts, always!) on my M11's.
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    New M10/9 mags!

    Made the same mistake when I voted in the poll. So remove one 'Yes' vote and add one 'No'. No needs, have plenty, like 50+, (sure I'd like more but it a sickness) of M10/9 mags that RUN...
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    Ares Defence Systems Ares - 16 AMG-2 in testing by U.S. Army

    I've got 6 M16's in the arsenal with three different LMG uppers that run flawlessly using Beta C's. I also own and run almost every significant SMG you would want to own. I work on them all, tuning mags and bolts for max reliability and speed. I like 'tuning' machine guns... Then I buy an MCR...
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    How to tell if m16 is NIB

    Nice pics, nicer weapon. Now I want to buy another...
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    New here with an IMI uzi model A!

    :welcome Every Uzi was once NIB... Someone's gotta shoot it, someday. Or did you buy it for a museum? Seriously, I procured my NIB Uzi in 2010 and 'safe-queened' it for a while than came to my senses. Added: GG&G 6 o'clock rail and a Magpul AFG2 up front and bought 4 extra bolts (including...
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    Desert Tech turns down $15 million

    I'll seriously look at their .308. Didn't go well for me with the Kel-Tec RFB.
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    M10 OEM uppers and Mags

    I tried the different mag catches on my M10's, even the 'dual' mag catch (modified and unmodified GG) with no success. I've found that if you buy new GG's and use a three-sided file to tune each mag to your weapon, you'll have the most reliable set-up going. Zero issue after doing that with two...
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    Durability of M16A1 vs. M16A2 lower receiver

    A2's tend to look a lot more 'modern' than A1's, as well and are typically in much better shape. A1's are all shooters, in my safe and the A2's are split between safe queens and occasional shooters (always without the original upper). Get an A2 now or you will later.
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    M60 Joe Work

    Groupie! As someone said on page 2, it's the unbreakable M16. Might need truing-up. But that's becoming less and less of the case as more have been 'fixed' to spec than you might imagine. I've owned 7 and all came in trued up or went out so, as are the 5 left in the safe. Can't beat it for a...
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    WTB AR 15 9MM Glock Mag adapter

    What you 'want' is a Mech-tech Glock carbine adapter. If you build it right, you'll have an AR-15 feel and use your Glock lower for the 'firearm' portion of the weapon. I have one in 10mm that is SICK fun and a hog THUMPER. You have to look them up, I'm no good at posting links...sorry.
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    Did I not answer you? If so, I'm sorry. The LMG uppers run with heavy buffers and standard...

    Did I not answer you? If so, I'm sorry. The LMG uppers run with heavy buffers and standard BCG's and haven't been very difficult to run with 100% reliability. If you need any info: Again, sorry for missing the IM you send via UZITALK.
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    loading Uzi mags....

    Yup LULA You can watch the game on TV and load your mags without looking, its that easy!
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    Recent M16 Prices

    I had (and refused) an offer of $75,000 for a pair of better than new Groupie's with Colt 6721 uppers...I had M60Joe tune them both up to spec and they are indestructible beasts that RUN. I've got one more but can't seem to part with any of them. Keeping an A2 LNIB and a couple of A1's, one...
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    Ti Bolt for full-sized Uzi...Who last made it?

    Who here manufactured the latest run of titanium bolts for full-sized Uzis? I guess I could search (a lot) of purchases to find it. Love mine...IT'S SERIAL NUMBER 0001! Did they sell any more? $600 wasn't cheap but I'd consider another one. My Uzi screams with that light weight bolt and...

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