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    In 2014, what is the best option for supressing a 45ACP UZI?

    Why not a full size Mk9 Uzi mount in 45 if AWC still offer it ??
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    Finally picked up my M11/9

    I might could set you into a used take off Sten magwell and pile of Sten mags after I get my Glock grip installed :) ..... still waiting for my number to come up to get grip installed
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    SBR barrel

    If IMI receiver and IMI 16" barrel with 3 digits out front, keep the 16" barrel intact as matching part for the frame.. Cheapest way out is to lathe cut the existing SMG barrel to fit semi-auto trunnion and restrictor ring.. hence no mods to original frame. I took my IMI "B" and SBR' it back in...
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    Noob ejector question - Model B

    I hear on Sean Hannity that President Anointed One "will fix it till it breaks"
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    Noob ejector question - Model B

    Depending on where you are, I have fella that could hit it a couple time with laser and be done with it.. I have taken mine and hit the rivet,, you need to support the head of rivet with drift, and smack/set the straight end of rivet with punch to expand it.. it is a 3 hand operation to do...
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    SBR FROM 9mm to 45---------LEGAL?

    Been swapping since Jan 1989,, 9-45-9-40-45-40-9---,, what ever I want to shoot that day.. nobody ever bother me in all these yrs, and suppressed too.
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    New owner, date of manufacture for model B

    I bought a "SA 666xx" serial NIB from FFL in 3/88 I still own mine to this day, my Uzi' 26th birthday coming up
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    Len did it again

    When I was a weeeee lad, people told me I was a bad influence...
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    45 ACP conversion issue

    Normal.. I made a tool from piece of old TOYOTA axle shaft to roll the dent out when inserted into case mouth so I load the cases again..
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    M10/9 mm bbl

    Where be this "club" .. Free,, add actual cost of shipping via USPS ? Yes ?? I'll take it if above qualifies
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    Len did it again

    16 of the G18 mags, and 27 of the G22 hi-cap stick mags, CCF frame at Lens since Aug.. Might just have him tack it into place, as I gots a local fella that does laser welding, likely make me a deal on the finish weld so it lok beyond cool for the welding.. Wicked Welding has now expanded into...
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    Working up Loads.

    RCBS RS-5 for general tasks and rifle loads DILLON 650 for bulk 9mm and 40 I found a DILLON SDB on Craiglist, it set up for 45, which is a rarity for me now, unless I decide to thump some out the Uzi SBR.. RCBS RS-3 holds my DILLON 1200 trimmer for 223 cases Bare DILLON 450 frame here that...
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    Len did it again

    He has my CCF Glock frame there I bought in August and had shipped to him from CCF.. now waiting to send my M11 there for the grip install.. Hopefully he still around, sent e-mail about a week ago, not heard anything back yet
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    I wasn't happy with the AR stock mount I bought, so I made this one.

    Sounds like a winner.. in the white, or COLT grey anodize to rough match parkerize ?
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    Thompson Machine's new SG-2 Suppressor

    Factory ammo ?? Dont think it going to happen.. HK had to port their 5" ?? "SD" barrel to bleed of some 150+ FPS of velocity You might try handloading 115 or 124gr with 231 (around 4gr over a chrono) and see if you come up with working load.
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    re-assembly of "box of parts"?

    Well,, not knowing where you at,, it be hard for me to offer some assistance in re-assembly, since I do not know how local you are
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    Mac grenade

    Ok,, I just had to check the "double" theory... 7gr of Titegroup in a R-P 9mm Luger case leaves just enough room to comfortably set a 115gr (visual of powder level).. I have a box of SPEER 147 Gold Dots, and likely to set a 147 in the case with that much powder,, the press handle wold likely...
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    Mac grenade

    With an open bolt firearm.... malfunction... 1st thing you do is pull the bolt back out of way so it locks in place on the sear.. it wont go anywhere unless you pull trigger to let bolt fly forward. Then you can proceed with visual as to source of malfunction.. just remember to keep muzzle...
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    Mac grenade

    What he says.. dont waste your time with 1 of them OE M11/9 barrel, buy a LAGE barrel and cut out front the way you want it.. I went so far for fun to cut an Uzi SMG barrel to spin into an M11/9 upper, whole lot stronger steel than that of an OE M11/9 black barrel
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    Do any of you shoot reloads?

    About all I use is my own handloads,, I have more control over quality than some unattended machine running a-muck out on a shop floor somewhere.

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