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    Brass Processing

    Trust me, you better have good equipment and motivation because you wouldn't be able to keep up with the orders. I've since purchased the additional Dillon goodies to do it myself. Still sucks to be screwed out of 1000 rounds of brass.
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    Brass Processing

    I sent Devine Brass in Oct. 5th of 2006, he has not returned it, has not contacted me about it. See the link below for details.
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    cleaning solvent suggestions?

    Do not use any water based cleaner in aluminum cans. You can use anything you like in a stainless/inconel can. Buy quality ammo for use with your can and experiment to find the cleanest ammo. Consider the Wincheter Winclean, yes it's more expensive.
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    Mine are consistanty running 10 business days from the day the F3 is faxed to the day the F3 is in the mail box. You could call the selling dealer and have him confirm the ATF status if you don't trust the receiving dealer or vice versa.
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    Mine have been consistantly running 10 business days to the nose on a faxed F3's from day of the fax to envelope in the mailbox.
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    LM7 Mini-SAW!

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    Any opinions of the Carbon 15 by Bushmaster?

    I've seen both Prof Ord & Bushmaster versions. Prof. Ord had some proprietary parts including the bolt and possibly the carrier. I believe Bushy changed that and the C15 takes standard AR internals. Anyway, the Bushy ran flawlessly. Nice chick/kids gun, nice truck gun.
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    M-16 9mm uppers - availability

    Sounds like bunk to me, esp. since Bushmaster just released a 9mm model. Then there is RRA too.
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    LM7 Call to Action

    If you don't keep up with the progess at the Lakeside board, BATF is stalling and ignoring Sen. Chambliss requests for answers. Here is the update in a nutshell. In addition, we need folks to call fax or at least email their local Senators & Representatives to get BATF moving on this. Go to...
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    GemTech Outback II

    The Outback II is an excellent can, I prefer the AAC Pilot merely on style points & packaging. The two are identical in performance as far as I'm concerend. You can go wrong with either.
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    Does a 22 Buzz?

    Hollow Points will buzz or flutter as they go down range. You have to be shooting at a distance to hear it. If you are hearing a buzz at close range, then it may be one of the issues mentioned above.
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    Introducing Superior Arms

    Our club, FDCC, bought about 40 Superior Arms receivers with the engraved logos, it's in the middle of the second row on their page. I can tell you %100 they their logo engraving is top notch, impeccable. The receivers are top quality fit & finish too. If I had to be critical of one thing it...
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    Lakeside Beltfed 22LR vid from Creek up

    RDIAS isn't a valid comparison, LM7 in itself cannot be be used to convert a firearm into a machinegun. At best it's a high capacity ammo feeding device.
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    Lakeside Beltfed 22LR vid from Creek up

    Hmmmm, can't see it. Re-evaluating would require re-examining the upper requireing Eric to send it back to BATF. If BATF sent it back, they commited a grave error on their part. Though I haven't seen the upper, for BATF to classifiy it a "Machinegun" as Len states, it would have to be able to...
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    Lakeside Beltfed 22LR vid from Creek up

    Did he get the BATF letter? Can you talk about any of the final tweaks etc.?
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    News From The Creek

    Just do like i plan, roll it all up on a garden hose reel. Makes it easier to transport to the line. :D
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    News From The Creek

    Wicked! What's the reasoning for the offset scope adapter?
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    News From The Creek

    Yeah I saw the pics, more, more, more! ;) There are 4 of us locally getting them, dunno how many more Hernando regulars that are getting them, but hopefully by the Feb shoot, there will be a dozen or more on the line. Maybe we can get a group photo / hammer down video :D
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    News From The Creek

    Hey amphibian, quit holding out on us, let's hear more about the LM7.
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    Olympic and the ATF

    I posted in a couple of other forums, Oly has a lifetime warranty. In 1975 Congress passed the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act which requires mfrs to meet the terms of their stated product warranty. Any Esq. care to comment? THe MMWA is law where BATF's policy is merely thatn policy & opinion.

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