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    Type 8 stocks

    Usbarrelshrouds does have the Type 7 full size stocks that come up for sale from time to time - in case that is what you’re actually looking for.
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    Ammo question

    Another vote here for S&B 115 grain
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    ? about 380 in ZMAGS

    They have worked well in my experience.
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    PM-63C SBR Bummer

    It’s a long shot, but Ian from Forgotten Weapons did some videos on his that he is SBRing. Maybe worth a shot to shoot him an email to see what his plan is? Hopefully he’ll post a video explaining the plan in detail once it’s finished. I would assume he has some excellent connections and...
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    New A.C. UNITY 42RND MAGS?

    Anyone heard when these might be available?
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    Haven’t seen good Uzi stuff at the Fort Worth gun shows in many years. Haven’t seen much good surplus for anything in years. Just a sea of ARs and new handguns.
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    1st round jam?

    You could try loading 30 rounds instead of 32 if you are fully loading the mags. Pretty hard for the gun to strip the first round in a fully loaded 32 round mag
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    The UZI Book - Order a copy now!!!

    It’s worth paying the shipping.
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    Uzi Firing pin

    Can’t imagine magtech ammo being the root cause of an issue. That stuff is usually pretty solid in my experience.
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    FA Uzi Ammo

    S&B works well.
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    Richard from BWEfirearms has passed away.

    Horrible, horrible news. Thoughts and prayers to Richard and his family.
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    INTERESTING Group Industries Vector UZI coming up at Auction

    Vector had these regularly for sale right before the company disappeared. They also sold semi mini Uzis with SS receivers along with the full size with SS receivers. If I recall correctly they were about $100 more for the stainless.
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    TP380: A Plastic Swiss M11

    I like it. I appreciate B&T making interesting firearms and I like tiny versions of normal guns.
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    Pimp my UZI pistol on GB

    Haha. I don’t think I’d ever actually buy a “gold” gun, just find them interesting for some odd reason.
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    Pimp my UZI pistol on GB

    I like these type things far more than I probably should……
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    Looks like a 380 FA to me. And a sketchy one.
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    Who owns one of the new Springfield SA-35 Hi Power copy?

    Did you ever get your SA-35 Arch?
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    UZI price?

    I’d guesstimate between $1500-2000 retail. Maybe more on gunbroker.
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    Who owns one of the new Springfield SA-35 Hi Power copy?

    I don’t have one, but I’ve put a good 75 or so rounds through one. Shot great with not malfunctions. I really like the no nonsense fit and finish on it. Trigger pull is better than an original due to the mag safety being deleted. My only complaint is really just a derivative of my hold...

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