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  1. Deerhurst

    M11/9 upgrade/spare parts

    How did a hollow point cause a bent ejector rod?
  2. Deerhurst

    Anyone have CAD of Reising mags?

    Getting pretty close to getting materials on hand and during up the milling machine for the Type 2. Trying to figure out how I want to fixture it and making the machining prints. I've been slacking on this project a bit.
  3. Deerhurst

    .22lr AK 7.62x39 Drop In Conversion

    I have one of those. Works decent after I made a ultra light hammer spring.
  4. Deerhurst

    Anyone have CAD of Reising mags?

    Still in the works. Havnt had a chance to do much with it lately. It's a hobby/side thing and not my day job.
  5. Deerhurst

    Max-10/15 received / disappointed (no artwork!)

    I'll be getting mine out today and finally with a can. Can't believe I havnt even gotten a KyMo mount for it yet and I'm running direct thread. I must like to live dangerously. I fully expect to burn the crap out of myself and possibly melt the carpet in the back of my car with the can. Guess...
  6. Deerhurst

    MAC 10 original suppressor question

    Doesn't help it is so convoluted and if you ask every AFT person you'll get a different answer from every one of them. And I meant wipeless end caps for the hybrid.
  7. Deerhurst


  8. Deerhurst

    What is this

    I have so many ideas for my lathe now..... So little time to do them with......
  9. Deerhurst

    Posted a bunch mac of stuff on gunbroker.

    Shouldn't advertisment be in the FS/FT section?
  10. Deerhurst

    MAC 10 original suppressor question

    It does because I order them directly from SilencerCo and their distributors for my Hybrid. I do know extra wipes are considered suppressor parts. The end user is not "allowed" to repair their own can with wipes and such.
  11. Deerhurst

    MAC 10 original suppressor question

    The difference between you and a gang banger is they can make an example out of you. They don't care about the gang bangers. You are an easier target. No, each end cap is an accessory, not a serialized item. Same goes for mount adapters.
  12. Deerhurst

    MAC 10 original suppressor question

    Not SiCos fault if you 458 your 22 cap. Wouldn't be any different from putting a rimfire can on a 223 or a 556 can on a 9mm PCC or even a 7.62x39 with 1/2-28 threads. Things like the hybrid are a titanium tube with a welded insert threaded into it. The front cap goes into the outer tube and I...
  13. Deerhurst

    Suomi Mag loader/ Lula Loader?

    Whoa, you use my loader from thingiverse? Awesome to hear Im not the only one with one of those in the range bag!
  14. Deerhurst

    Anyone have CAD of Reising mags?

    Sorry for the late reply. Its still going. Im also working on a couple rewelds plus my day job so its going slow. I goofed on the first physical prototype for Type 2 and need some bar stock, time and to make more chips. The weather has been like the business end of a fire hose so testing has...
  15. Deerhurst


    I have very little skills and I try not to speak if I don't have the knowledge, what little I do have. Some say I talk too much anyways. If memory serves as an SOT you can notify of manufacture of a MG. I may be wrong on that. That would make it possible for a postie to be something that was...
  16. Deerhurst


    I must have made a poor assumption that as we are all MG owners here and unless there are brave souls among us we all own posties or transferrables minus the odd pre sample Ill try to remember to address everyone with illegal MGs in the future to try to avoid confusion. Bringing up 68 and 86...
  17. Deerhurst

    Want to buy: Oddball guns from the Assault Weapons Ban List

    I saw and played with one of those Bushmaster ARM pistols. They are pretty cool but the $3200 price tag was stiff. Outside of the Linda pistols and the Ljutic Space Gun (I really want one) I have very little to offer here. I've sorta accidentally started collecting open bolt 22s and have a...
  18. Deerhurst


    I feel like I should add to. A postie is anything made FA after May 1986 no matter when the firearm was actually assembled or manufactured.
  19. Deerhurst

    Anyone have CAD of Reising mags?

    Sorta. More of making a cheaper option. It started as a buddy wanting cheaper mags for his Reising and has kinda steamrolled from there. I don't really want to get people's hopes up in case it doesn't work out. Only had one outing with one type. While the results were promising and very...
  20. Deerhurst

    What is this mag pouch for?

    Skorpion mag pouches look like tiny 2 cell VZ58 pouches. They are maybe 6" tall.

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