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  1. CKxx

    Gauging Interest in Tungsten Slow Fire Bolts

    I'm excited to hear it's still moving, even slowly! Great news.
  2. CKxx

    DeSantis Holster on GB

    I would appendix carry an M10 and pull the trigger before I paid $1500 for that. 😂
  3. CKxx

    Drum Magazines

    Yep, I hopped on that the same day they sent the email.
  4. CKxx

    New M.A.C. guns

    I do like their 1911s, but not at $949.
  5. CKxx

    Drum Magazines

    While we are on the topic, has anyone ever seen a converted drum for a 380 small mag? I would love to try making one, but I'm not sure it could feed fast enough.
  6. CKxx

    Which Suppressor? GSL Jericho or Bowers Vers 9s

    I am extremely happy with the performance of the Phoenix. I highly recommend following amphibian's advice and getting a sheet of shim stock to line the interior wall of the can. I did not do so and the fouling is very difficult to remove.
  7. CKxx

    Sten Commando case from Sarco

    Can anyone get a photo of the internal "small pouch" mentioned above? There's a unit on ebay that has a separator of some kind. If it were full-length to accommodate the detached stock I would buy one immediately.
  8. CKxx

    Padded slings in stock at Numrich: 1 year later, OOS

    Thread title updated. Looks like they are gone.
  9. CKxx

    New M.A.C. guns

    Pure cash grab based on the name selling junk imports.
  10. CKxx

    M11a1 size?

    I'm still waiting for the same. I won't hold my breath, but it sure would be cool. SK type upper for the 380.
  11. CKxx

    FA Uzi Ammo

    My Uzi seems to eat anything. Literally, just buy the cheapest ammo you can find and fire away.
  12. CKxx

    Gauging Interest in Tungsten Slow Fire Bolts

    I probably wouldn't sit and wait for that. It looks like the first run of these may already be spoken for.
  13. CKxx

    Looking to convert UZI to SMG spec

    I don't believe he's taking new work. I was told to call back in 12 mo
  14. CKxx

    Max 10/31 Mags/Introduction

    Well shoot, I was very excited for a moment there.
  15. CKxx

    Suomi Mags for your Lage Upper

  16. CKxx

    Vector Drum Winder / Loader ?????

    I'd imagine it's the same as the Vector Uzi drum winder, which is just a PVC cap included up keep your fingers away from the spring-loaded drum internals. Totally unnecessary for operation.
  17. CKxx

    New Lage Products!

    In case anyone else missed it on the first pass (like I did), among the new mag loaders is a Coffin mag loader. Very cool.
  18. CKxx

    M11a1 - upper hard to get onto lower.

    Consider this a plus. Mine has an egged out pin hole and flaps around. I've been meaning to get it fixed but "mail it in and I'll fix it eventually" gunsmithing seems to be standard.
  19. CKxx

    How "snug" are the FAB Defense rails?

  20. CKxx

    Gauging Interest in Tungsten Slow Fire Bolts

    It's a small mag well. I searched a bit via Google. You'll find a lot of older threads are dead links since the update. If you try to search here via the search tool, it'll tell you a 3-letter search term is too short. That makes "CFW" and "380" a bit of a challenge.

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