Ac556 / Mini 14 recoil - shock buffer.


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Jan 2, 2018
I had a few 1911 buffer's laying around. I decided to try them out in one of my mini 14's. I can actually tell a difference. I filmed it in slow motion with two different mini 14's (same model, factory folders) u can actually hear the difference in the slow motion video. I should note, I REPLACED both recoil springs for this test. The one folder WITHOUT buffers actually has a long pinging sound after the round is fired. Overall, I would say it's easier on the action and slightly less jarring.
I haven't tried this on my ac556 or converted mini 14 yet but plan to. I let my brother shoot both of them, I did NOT tell him which one had the buffers. He said the stainless one felt smoother.
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