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Aug 9, 2022
Does anyone have any experience with a AK-47 Pistol? What is the recoil like? Can you hit anything (intentionally that is)?

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Mar 9, 2006
Southern New Hampshire
Can you hit stuff? My question to you is, how is your upper body strength? The Krink style of pistol is much heavier with more recoil than a pistol caliber handgun. They are much better suited to a basis for a SBR than use as a handgun. They tend to be even more overgassed than AK rifles as your hands can't be as resistant to recoil to make the mechanism function as your shoulder/body weight.



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Apr 27, 2020
AK pistols are not bad. Brace it and put your cheek on the brace to help stabilize. Sometimes a single point sling to push against helps too. Recoil isn't bad,more than 9mm for sure but not terrible. 7.62russian doesn't have much recoil anyways. Just like any other large frame pistol, you can hit stuff just fine, it's just a little different to use.

That said, I have a proper AKSU since at the time it was only a couple hundred bucks more than an AK pistol.


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Aug 5, 2018
Twin Falls, ID
Polish Hellpup will be best bang for your dollar, as far as import pistols.

Palmetto State Arnory makes several AK variants now, and if you keep an eye out, you can find 'blemished" models on closeout, with pistol braces.

As far as paracticality, I prefer a 7.62*39 AR pistol to a Krink/AK pistol. I can beat the hell outta my 7.62 AR, and parts are pretty much universal when they wear out. Break a Draco bolt carrier, or lose a part while cleaning, then go try to grab one at your local gun shop.

"Hitting things" is probably more a case of whether you have the arms to control a small gun shooting a hot round. At 300lbs, 7.62*39 is child's play to me. I cannot, however, control a .308 pistol worth a damn sans a brace.

Also: There was an "AOW" Ak on gunbroker not too long ago. Basically, a pistol with a vert foregrip. Xfer stamp on an AOW is only $5, vs. $200 for an SBR. (That said, why SBR when a tailhook pistol brace provides a stable purchase for your shoulder, should the need arise.)

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