Dead Air Sandman L on my SBR mini 14


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Apr 4, 2006
West Central Florida
Super quiet, but a lot of gas in da face.... this was the actual test fire and sight in figure out what can to use, the Sandman L wins hands down...
I previously had the Liberty Mystic X on this rifle, and while quiet, I had some reservations as to repeated shots with the short Liberty suppressors says it's good to go, this barrel is 13 and they claim down to 10.5 is ok for the .223......the Mirage off the mystic x was so intense after only two or three rounds tho....

I'm not really a hunter but I had a guy come in the gun shop a few weeks ago and told me he had a serious coyote problem ....then he came back this past week and said there were 14 last night, he shot 1 and the others didn't even scatter they just stopped to attack the one that was flopping around on the ground....wild dogs too mixed in with them.

He only has a Ruger 10-22, so I showed him this video and he invited me to come sit with him a few nights this upcoming week love to borrow a NV camer.


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Jan 2, 2018
I must admit, that mini sounds damn good with a can on it.

A few months ago my back neighbor who has 40 acres and had his male 110 pound pitbull get eaten by coyotes. A few weeks later, I let my dog outside around 12am and one of my back motion lights kept getting triggered. so I went outside and saw my dog running back and forth in my fence separating the back field from my house. I could barely see what looked like one of my other neighbors dogs and then I saw something else moving, then another. So I immediately called my dog back and she came halfway and turned looking at the animals growling and barking. So I figured, I have enough time to run in and get my closest gun, SBR 10/22 TD Suppressed. I went back out and couldn't see any of them, so I fired one round into the ground and I heard approximately 8 + coyotes running in different directions.
I haven't seen any since but I know they are still around.
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