Not mac but what if?


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Oct 10, 2004
I was reading a gun magazine at a friend’s house and saw a review for a gun made by a company called Marshall Arms that looked pretty dam cool. The magazine was called: Special Weapons for Military & Police, Issue 29 starting on page 45. It is Mac like, but it is a totally different animal. Its magazine is top oriented like the P90 and it appears to be the same size as he MAC. We normal non mill or LEO will never have the pleasure of owning a non neutered version. So here is the challenge to all of the Mac innovators and pioneers out there (Lage, Capt Monty, etc..), can someone make a top loading upper for the Mac? And if so please produce it. The Mac comunity needs this. Take a look at the links I found below: Arms Pistol PDW Promo_Front.jpg Arms Pistol PDW Horizontal Magazine Feed Cycle.jpg

There are more detailed pics in the magazine.
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Dec 25, 2002
Looks like an UZI mag being used.
I think if you want to use a drum mag you would be screwed though.
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