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Dec 25, 2002
As most of you are aware, this board is not a commercial venture. I do not accept paid advertising, so members are not bombarded with ads or restricted in their comments about vendors. Your donations help keep this site going. I've added a member category, titled UZI Talk Supporter to recognize your contributions. Any member in good standing is welcome to become a supporter. I'veadded a PayPal link to the footer of each page that you can use to make donations.

Supporters will be recognized by the addition of a title and star(s) under their username (visible in each post they make) as follows:

  • Donation of $10-$24.99:
    UZI Talk Supporter

  • Donation of $25-$49.99:
    UZI Talk Supporter

  • Donation of $50-$99.99:
    UZI Talk Supporter

  • Donation of $100:
    UZI Talk Life Member

Your donations will accumulate, so you can send contributions in increments to work you way to higher supporter levels. Donations via PayPal may be sent to . Please include your username, so I'll know who to credit it to. If you prefer to mail a donation, please send an e-mail ( ) or PM to dalbert for details.

My thanks in advance for your help in supporting this online community for firearms enthusiasts!
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