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Thread: Do PM63 mags fit in an M11 Small Magwell?

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    Do PM63 mags fit in an M11 Small Magwell?

    Anyone know if PM63 9x18 makarov mags would happen to fit dimensionally into the magwell of a M11/M11A1 (small magwell)?

    I'm already considering another subgun after my first is still in NFA jail awaiting transfer. A Sten/PAWS or M11 are on my list. Really really like the small magwell M11 (just personal preference) mags of course are generally expensive compared to Sten - thinking PM63 mags might be a viable option for conversion fodder if they fit. and can be stocked up on in advance of ban.

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    PM 63 magazines will be too large for a small magwell M11.

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