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Thread: What to get next?

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    Based on what you've written, sounds like you should try a Sterling. Way cool vanilla subgun in a common shootable caliber, much nicer than a Sten but still loads of history, ultra smooth, compact, and all-around sweet shooter. Only downside is, one-track pony.

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    Thank you for everyone's input. I really appreciate it. We already have some money put aside for the kids and add to it when we can. The 3 m11/9s are theirs to do what they want with, if they would want to sell them or keep them. I'd hope they would keep them and so far they all have a pretty decent interest in firearms but not old enough to really appreciate what the transferables actually are. I found a couple of ranges that are about 2-3 hours away that have a few for rent that I've never fired before, the BRP STG, Sterling, original M76 so working on finding a day to travel out there now. The kids and wife are all over the place as far as what they like. Wife likes the Thompson, and the rest are split between the M16, uzi and PPSH-41/Suomi M31 so really all over the place. A place semi close always has a Sterling MK7 that looks really interesting. I'm not really interested in the RDIAS or HK sears and all but they might be the smartest move here.

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