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Thread: ISO: Broomhandle Mauser stock

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    ISO: Broomhandle Mauser stock

    I bought myself a Broomhandle Mauser for my birthday and I need a stock. I'm not concerned about it being an old original as I intend to use it. I know that I can get one off ebay or several other places. I want to check here before there because quality is important. So now is the time to get rid of one of those Mauser stocks you've stubbed your toe on and help a brother out.

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    The Sarco stocks are better qualitty then those chinese stocks on Ebay.

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    Approx 35 years ago, my mentor salvaged the metal from an original, but horrible, stock, and made a stock and matching grip panels from black walnut. Like all of his work, it turned out amazing

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    I have 2, one for the belt and another with the shoulder harness. The shoulder harness and stock are actually pretty nice, made in China. the belt one came as a set; stock and harness for the belt, that one is a nicer looking wood but probably made in the Philippines or Malaysia anyway. Both needed filing on the stock attachment to fit but both shoulder nice. You can get the nicer one here: and a belt harness or shoulder harness on Ebay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by timkel View Post
    The Sarco stocks are better qualitty then those chinese stocks on Ebay.
    Thanks for this. I was in market for one too and ordered it from them today.

    Edit, 4/8/21- For the record and anyone using this thread in their own shopping, stock arrived yesterday and will have to be returned, did not fit in either configuration, will not slide into the grip groove, and pistol won’t fit all the way into it as a holster. Does not interact with my original Broomhandle in any useful way.
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