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Thread: sterling parts kits

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    sterling parts kits

    I just got a l2a3 kit from parts depot, best kit so far although the end section is cut 2x ,$24 from apex got a 3 inches end part with sites .the mag well is attached to the barrel shroud which is cut on the front end.apex has both front and rear sections in Stock . Numrich kit came with a new barrel ,and the paint was worn off .the parts depot kit came with original barrel .the apex kit has less receiver sections but the front and rear sections overlap the sections from my other depot also had best price on mags $30

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    Where did you buy your kit? Googling "Parts Depot" is not bringing it up.

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    They were selling on GunBroker. It doesn't look like they have any Sterling kits listed right now.

    Old arms of Idaho still has them in stock, although a bit pricey:

    I have new replacement locking rings for the end cap, denial bar sets and rear barrel supports in stock.
    I also do semi auto conversions on Sterling bolts and trigger packs.

    My bolts can be seen on YouTube by searching "Sterling Mk4 semi auto". If you need parts or have questions about welding a Sterling back together, I'd be glad to help.
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    +1 for freedom machine. Very helpful guy. Top notch bolt conversion. And his rear cap ring replacement are worth their weight in gold... I already told him I would have easily paid double what he was asking.

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