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Thread: Ohio State SubGun Match

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    Ohio State SubGun Match

    Well its that time again-time for the Ohio State SubGun Match at Tusco Rifle Club in Midvale Ohio-June 19th. I am planning to limit the shooting to 60 runs or 30 shooters (2 runs per shooter same as last year) IF you want to make more runs than that, we will talk about that. I will be running the following classes-


    I know that with the ammo crunch itís painful to blast a pile of ammo so Iím keeping that in mind. Iím working to come up with challenging, yet Ammo friendly stage. The plan is to run one class in the morning and then one in the afternoon. This will be setup as 3 squads and 3 stages. IF I can get some extra help I might be able to have a 4th stage on a different range.

    5320.20 info-
    Tusco Rifle Club
    2130 Midvale Mine Road
    Dennison Ohio 44621

    Any questions reach out at (330) 432-459eight

    And there will NOT be any hidden stars this year 😊😊

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    Ohio State SubGun Match
    June 19, 2021

    Location-Tusco Rifle Club
    2132 Midvale Mine Road
    Dennison Ohio 44621

    Cost-$30 per class
    (Side match fee will be less-see below)

    Class break down-
    Iron Sight
    Optic Sight
    Carbine (semi auto)

    Match description
    There will be 4 courses of fire that will be used to determine the shooters overall score. Shooters will be permitted to shoot only two classes (unless time is allowed for a second gun to be used in the squad) One class/gun will be shot in the morning, then after lunch, the second gun/class will be shot in the afternoon with awards being handed out upon the final tally of combined scores.

    There will be food available at the range the day of the match.

    Due to ammunition constraints, the courses have been designed to be challenging, fun, and yet easy on the round count (with the exception to one) The estimated round count per class is 300-400 rounds and having 5-6 magazines should be plenty.
    A wavier must be signed by each shooter upon registration. All firearms must be tied, flagged, or in a case while not in use. Registration will start at 8am with the range officers brief at 9:00, full briefing at 9:20 then breaking into squads at 9:30 to commence shooting.

    The entry fee can be paid the day of the match, but an RSVP would be great so I can plan accordingly for the number of shooters.
    There are several good places to eat and stay in the New Philadelphia area, so lodging and food is not an issue. If you need any help, feel free to reach out but google is your friend.

    SPECIAL SIDE MATCH-On the evening of June 18 (the night before the match) there will be a special side match held. This is something new, something that has been discussed for awhile now by some of the shooters and we are going to try it. Here it is.....there will be a night fire subgun match...yes shooting one of the courses at night. There will be a few requirements to shoot this match, your weapon must have a weapon mounted light and be suppressed. If running NVG and IR then no light is needed but again your weapon must be suppressed. One of the local police departments will be bringing down a cruiser so we can have all the lights going to really add to the challenge. For this event safety is the obvious concern, even more than normal, so certain precautions will taken to ensure everyone has a good time, and goes home safe. Signup for this match will start at 7:30, the mandatory range safety brief will be held at 8:30, with the shooting to commence at 9:00 There will be guns for people to use if they do not have the required equipment for this. It will depend on the number of shooters as to how long it will take, but again safety is the priority for this. Other details will follow as the date of the match grows closer.

    John Bosio
    (330) 432-4598

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