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Thread: I need help

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    Hello my name is Jordan, I'm kinda new to Uzis and I wanted to build mine from a flat and a semi auto parts kit and I was wondering if y'all could give me some advice on how to build it. Thank you

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    First off a "semi auto kit" is going to be rare and expensive. Most folks who build their own start with a cut up machine gun kit and replace or modify the full auto parts to the required semi auto only specifications.

    Second, flats are available but bending one properly is not an easy task. The rear section is a simple bend into a 3 sided box shape, which is easily accomplished. The hard part is the front end where the box shape transitions to the rounded area that houses the trunnion. I have only seen one person claim to have properly bent a flat into a receiver at home, and he built a multi-piece bending jig with moveable parts to accomplish it.

    The easier but expensive alternative is to buy either a completed receiver or an empty shell that is factory bent but still needs the various small parts welded onto it. Both are FFL items and would need to go through a dealer.

    The most common route is to buy a "repair section" that consists of the center section of the receiver only. You trim the included front and rear original receiver pieces included in the kit to fit this section and weld all the pieces together to form a complete receiver. There is also one that is longer that is essentially the receiver from the trunnion area back. On those you only weld on the front and then add the rear plate, rear sight base, etc.

    Another issue is a lot of the needed semi auto and weld-in parts are out of stock right now, and with the current lack of parts kits being imported some makers have stopped production as they see demand falling. That, plus the current political talk about regulating DIY gun building makes this a bad time to start in the hobby.

    If you do decide to do an UZI build, the best advice I can give is start looking for what you need today and buy it as soon as you find it!

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    Good advice from slimshady. I'm piecing mine together and ended up with a repair section and two salvaged end pieces. Better than trying to bend-it-ur-self.
    The factory probably stamps and forms the entire shell in one stroke on machines like these

    Do some research and see what makes a semi a semi-- and makes it stay a semi. That way you have a shopping list of just what you need. With parts in short supply and demand high; when you find a part you need, grab it.

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