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Thread: CF-W9mmA Bolts Coming Soon...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Galil#1 View Post
    Please excuse the rookie question... does this bolt work in a Lage MAX-10/31 upper? IF so, how would function/run, speed wise etc.? Thanks!
    No. Thats a fat Mac. This is a skinny Mac bolt.

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    Hi All, we have 75 bolts in house and we are working on assembling them. I'll be sending out invoices beginning tomorrow. The fabricator was a few weeks behind schedule and, as always, we've been covered up with work. Please be patient with us as we work through the wait list.


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    Quote Originally Posted by LawBob View Post
    No. Thats a fat Mac. This is a skinny Mac bolt.
    That's clear, thanks again!

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    Eddiep could tell us the spring set up used in the video?

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