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Thread: Running List of Subgun Matches

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    Running List of Subgun Matches

    Can we create a running list of standing subgun matches? I have a life goal of shooting every major subgun match in the country! Here are the ones I've heard of

    Michigan State subgun match
    North Texas Submachinegun Match
    Ohio State SMG match
    Port Malabar Rifle and Pistol Club, Florida
    Las Vegas, NV
    Brass River Nebraska
    Arizona State Subgun Match
    Pennsylvania PC3C
    Knobb Creek
    Alaska Machine gun Association Match

    Please share any more you know of and I'll add them to the list, particularly any in the Southeast, as it seems to be just Knobb Creek.
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    Man I miss the Creek. I’m getting old now and hope I can get back there- of course every time I went I was one of the younger folk. Anyway there is a semi regular group that does matches in the Kansas City area about once a month during the summer months. It’s kind of up in the air right now as the regular range is under new management and has construction going on, so we’ve been on a private range. Anyway I don’t run it but I can make introductions for anyone in the area- Dale, the gent who runs it will check you out and if you’re good, you’ll get an invite. I’m not a fan of the paper targets we’ve shot in the past but the current range is multi stage/ w steel targets. I haven’t been but going to the match at the end of this month, I’ll provide a range report. It’s a good bunch of people. One time Dale showed up with three older Chinese tourists in tow- I have no idea where he met them, But he strikes me as the type of nice guy who could have met them at dinner and just invited them to shoot. I don’t think any of them had ever shot a gun, never mind full auto. It was very entertaining- they were blown away by it all!
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    Last year there was a match in Chapel Hill Tenn due to no Knob Creek. With the Creek being done this year, that might be coming back to be a regular thing. We (the Knob Creek RO’s) are going to see what we can do to set up a schedule for matches to fill in some of the holes

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    Florida is not on your list -- Port Malabar Rifle and Pistol Club, first Sunday of the month (usually).

    Not sure if they still shoot at Las Vegas but they used to.

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    At Rio Salado Sportsman's Club is Mesa, AZ we have a subgun match the second Thursday of the Month at 5pm. We do non run them in the summer months. We also have a monthly beltfed match. Next matches will be in September. Same location as the Arizona State Match.

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    Las Vegas has the oldest continuously operating subgun match in the states.
    Yes, it’s still going strong. 2nd Sunday of each month but shuts down in July and August for the summer.

    In Idaho, there’s the IAWCA, but Covid killed the scheduled matches in 2020 and insurance is currently the issue stopping events this year.
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    Sorry for the late reply, where is this match near Kansas city? I've got this new M11/9 and I've been wanting to run a subgun match.

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    Not sure if they hold regularly scheduled matches, but there used to be (early 2000s) matches in the Memphis area. At the time, I had a couple of friends who were shooting Service Rifle matches there and they talked about it.

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