.22 LR Magazines




The UZI was designed as a 9mm weapon, but it has been offered in additional calibers. Caliber conversions in the UZI are quite straight forward and typically consist of a barrel, a bolt and a magazine. The cheap ammo and the absence of recoil make the .22 LR a favorite conversion for the UZI.

20 & 28 Round Vector in .22 LR

Caliber: .22 LR
Manufacturer: Vector
Capacity: 20 or 28
Witness Holes:
Construction: aluminum insert with plastic follower or a plastic insert with plastic follower (latest production style)
Tool Marks: None
Finish: Smooth dark gray
Reliability: Very Good to Excellent (One owner reports: "99% They work best with a moderate coat of CLP/Breakfree in the mag body and on the follower. It gums the mags quicker, but the added lubricant helps feeding of the bullets.")

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