.41AE & .45ACP Magazines




The UZI was designed as a 9mm weapon, but it has been offered in additional calibers. Caliber conversions in the UZI are quite straight forward and typically consist of a barrel, a bolt and a magazine. The .45 ACP is a perennial American favorite and it was natural for Action Arms to sell a .45 ACP version of the UZI. The .41 AE is also an American caliber. It was developed by Evan Whildin, General Manager at Action Arms. Whildin later went on the develop the .50 AE for the Desert Eagle Pistol manufactured by IMI.

10 Round IMI in .45 ACP

Caliber: .45 ACP
Manufacturer: IMI
Capacity: 10
Witness Holes: 5, 10
Construction: Medium gauge metal, no seam in back, no seam in front.
Tool Marks: ".45 ACP IMI Israel" on lower side
Finish: Smooth black
Reliability: Excellent

20 Round IMI in .41 AE

Caliber: .41 Action Express
Manufacturer: IMI
Capacity: 20
Witness Holes: 5, 10, 15, 20
Construction: Medium gauge metal, flat seam in back, no seam in front.
Tool Marks: ".41 AE" and "IMI Israel" on lower side
Finish: Smooth black/grey
Reliability: Excellent

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