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What is often thought of as a single gun called the UZI is actually a variety of models that have been delivered by several manufacturers over the last 60 years. Originally designed for the Israeli military by Uziel Gal, the UZI submachine gun has a colorful history that reached around the globe and continues to this day. Although universally recognized, the history of this iconic weapon has gone largely undocumented - until now!

This book examines the history and technical details of all the UZI variations, both military and civilian, from its initial design to the current models. Nearly 1,000 photographs reveal the amazing history of this firearm, including original factory documents, model-by-model features, prototypes, part variations, accessories and manuals. This detailed review will allow any UZI owner or enthusist to fully appreciate these revolutionary weapons.

Author David Gaboury has spent the last 15 years researching the UZI submachine gun. During that time he's made trips to Israel to see the IMI and IWI production facilities. He's also worked with principle participants from IMI, IWI, Action Arms, Group Industries, Vector Arms, Sturm Ruger, UZI America, and other UZI vendors to bring a firsthand perspective on the history of these firearms. Items from museums, personal collections and Uzi Gal's personal estate give a rare look at historical artifacts that have not been seen before.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: The Beginning of Israeli Small Arms
  Chapter 2: The Competition Begins
  Chapter 3: The New UZI Design
  Chapter 4: Israel Selects a New Submachine Gun
  Chapter 5: Continued Development of the UZI
Chapter 6: Mini UZI
  Chapter 7: UZI Carbine
  Chapter 8: UZI Pistol and Micro UZI
  Chapter 9: Ruger MP9
  Chapter 10: UZI Pro
Chapter 11: The Netherlands
  Chapter 12: Germany
  Chapter 13: Belgium and the FN UZI
  Chapter 14: South Africa
  Chapter 15: China
  Chapter 16: Other Countries
Chapter 17: Early U.S. Imports
  Chapter 18: Action Arms
  Chapter 19: Group Industries
  Chapter 20: UZI America
  Chapter 21: Vector Arms
Chapter 22: The Walther UZI
  Chapter 23: New UZI Carbines
  Chapter 24: IWI and the Future
Chapter 25: Operation, Disassembly and Specifications
  Chapter 26: Parts Identification
  Chapter 27: Caliber Conversions
  Chapter 28: Magazines
  Chapter 29: Manuals
  Chapter 30: Accessories

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The UZI Submachine Gun Examined
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