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  • I am very new in the NFA world. I have bought several machine guns and a silencer I was wondering if anybody has heard of a full auto Mac 10 being converted to a 5.7 by 28?
    Hey there. I hope you don't mind me posting this here, I was unable to send you a PM.

    I'm trying to get information on how to go about constructing a 7.62x25 MAX11. I've seen that what I need to get are the following:
    >7.62x25 barrel (or use a PPSh 41 barrel)
    >MAX11 upper
    >Sten magwell lower (or custom magwell)
    >Sten magazines (or CZ26 mags)

    I've also seen mention of you building or selling 7.62x25 barrels but those posts are all years old. Do you have any advice for how to go about completing this process and do you still sell or make the barrels? I'm rather new to the MAC guns, and would appreciate any guidance. I intend to further browse the forum to gather information, but at this time my assessment is that the thing I am most sorely lacking is the barrel.

    Thank you in advance for your time, I'm really glad you're still around haha.
    Why I have I been unsubscribed from all the forums I subscribed to and I am not receiving notifications?
    I'll need one. The height of the sight on it now is .200 so the one you need to order will have to be the same height.
    Hey Chris!

    If I sent you the top slide part of my 1911 could you mill a dovetail cut for the front sight and install one for me? I have never run a dovetail cutter on my lathe (and don't have a milling machine either) and really don't want to risk fucking up my baby. I'll leave the sight on it that I use now so you know what height sight you need to get. I'd like one with a white dot like what's on it now if possible. I could ship the slide to you in the mail . Just tell me roughly what it would cost and we'll go from there.

    Many thanks in advance!

    How are you doing? Hope you remember me, I am Carol Walsh, Frank's wife the one in a wheelchair. Frank is doing about the same. Four months ago Frank just about decided to sell all of his MGs to Ruben M but at the last minute decided to hold on to them. Mainly because he got the TiRant 9, Prodigy, Octane 9HD, Sparrow six months ago hasn't shot them yet. I need your advice on price to sell Uzi fullsize 45 kit with Chris Humprey lower 2 new GG mags, 7" M-16 22 upper with Spikes kit with anti bounce weight, Vector Uzi fullsize 22 kit 1 mag. Frank also has rare Gemtech Mirage intergrated suppressed upper Form 4 required which he only shot 2 mags through. The end cap comes off so it can be cleaned. I can email pictures. Frank wants you to thread a 10/22 barrel 1/2x28 soon. How much for that? Please let us know if you can help. We value your opinions. Thanks Carol and Frank
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