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  • Did I not answer you?

    If so, I'm sorry.

    The LMG uppers run with heavy buffers and standard BCG's and haven't been very difficult to run with 100% reliability.

    If you need any info:

    Again, sorry for missing the IM you send via UZITALK.
    Yep, I always find it entertaining when someone looses there cool
    , gun forum, I would assume everyone would lean a little more to the
    Right, I don't care if the officer was white or black, every person protesting
    Michael browns death is ( to me) is saying its ok to kill a cop and rob,
    Shrikes ok, still a moody little nfa item, always runs worse when I'm showing a friend

    Back to ferguson

    It's so cold in ferguson , I heard the rioters were pulling up there pants
    Shrikes ok, still a moody little nfa item, always runs worse when I'm showing a friend

    Back to ferguson

    It's so cold in ferguson , I heard the rioters were pulling up there pants

    When the hardware store was looted, not one pair of work boots and gloves were taken
    Had to split into 2

    Thanks for the support brother. How's that Shrike running? I finally got my form 4's back on my RR then a week a go Saturday fell off a platform stand and broke my heel. That SOB has been hurting like hell but is starting to calm down a bit.

    Blacks are really way more racist than whites. It's just more PC from them to be.

    Thanks again
    Yeah I think dude misunderstood the red face. I don't know those s emotions things that well. He must have thought I was mad at the judgement, what I meant was that the mob was going to go wild and burn Ferguson. "The roof is on fire" is a 80's song but I got part of it wrong after looking up the lyrics it's " I don't have any water let the MF'er burn

    My retort of my ( vor v zakone ) cousins was also a joke in that my wife is Ukrainian and that is the slang name for the Russian Mafia.

    It's easy to be a name caller (piece of garbage) when you are hiding behind the internet. That's why I posted up my Name & Address for him to come on over to Eastern Arkansas and call me that to my face. I am not big and bad more like old and fat, but I don't ever let anyone punk me.
    Hey Tommygun, you sure got that fella wound up, I thought it was funny. Was wanting to post a reply to that dip #$% , but the moderator locked the thread, heaven forbid if someone gets there feellings hurt. I'm sure the rioters are small in number, probably young, drunk, rebel without a clue type, and I hope, don't represent the majority of the blacks in that area, but its amazing to me that they are basically protesting against the right for a cop to protect himself from a drugged up thief. If the cop would have been black and the thief white, there wouldn't be any protest, now who's the racist???
    Sorry for the delay in responding but I missed the notice. Glad to hear it on the Sendora. That Razorback was being built by a company here in Arkansas but they were going out of business and their last run the units were priced seems like triple what I had seen them for originally although I think they might have been beefier. I will have to check back on them don't know why they were going out since they were doing such cool products. Hope you had a Happy Easter.
    The other RR I have, I purchased a Razorback 22 LR belt fed upper for it, now that thing is a blast, a little tempermental until you get the cloth belts broke in, but after that, it runs like a sewing machine.
    I have two RR that are Sendra Corp., love them both, before I purchased them I dug around on the internet and best I could tell they are built exactly to Colt specs. I've never heard a bad thing about them from the owners, heard a few Colt guys dump on them, but there probably a little bias. Purchased one about 4 or 5 years ago for 12K and the other 2 years ago for 14K, Colts were about 4-6K more then, one sold the other day (Sendra) for 16K, I'll let my kids worry about selling them, I'm just going to enjoy them.
    I think the Shrike is one of those uppers you have to tinker with before it runs, I've heard horror stories about them beating up the RR, every time I check, so far, mines running without damage, but I need to get some belts out and try again. If you run across anything interesting about the Shrike, shoot me message. Also, I'll check over at ARForm and read up on it.
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