Soumi conversion upper info needed, please?


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Oct 10, 2004
Ok, I have read several post on two mac related sites which mentions the Soumi conversion upper. It would appear that several individuals got approval from the ATF and constructed their own. Come on guys share the wealth and post the plans or someone produce it so the rest of us can buy it from you. Either way can someone enlighten me with the uppers origin? Also who is Captain Monty? He shows up in some of the post that I have read concerning this Soumi conversion upper? Any info would be most appreciated.

Brian Ski

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Jul 25, 2003
Northern Indiana
I think captain Monty made one soumi upper... He does some writing for SAR.... You can ask him to make one, but he is busy guy... And it didn't sound like he was making extras....

tony k

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May 11, 2003
Anthony Smith, who write occasionally for SAR, came up with the idea, got BATF approval to build one for his personal use, then built it and a few weeks ago sold it at auction on for about $875.

Captain Monty asked Smith for copies of his BATF submission letters, sent in his own application and is building one example.

I am told that one or the other of these builders will be doing a story on it for an upcoming issue of SAR.

The design has not been approved for commercial production by Tech Branch -- instead, at this point anyone who wants to build one needs to write them and get individual permission.

AFAIK, no one else has built one. I was planning to (after getting BATF's blessing) but I'm too backed up on other projects.

This is a great design that someone should put into commercial production.
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