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  • What top cover mod would be needed, to use a micro bolt in a mini Uzi?

    Thank you for your time.
    Hi Richard, I see you get around the net a bit! I just recently joined the forums, and was surprised find a familiar member. Those I've "met" here seem decent and down to earth types. You and I have corresponded recently about your SMG spec semi receiver kits. You may not recall it though. as I'm sure you deal with a great many persons, by way of running your business. Obviously, BWE's the place to go for my needs. The forum members here appear to hold your skills in high regard. Anyway, it's been good to "see" you again. Hope we can do business soon. Cordially, Stu Butler.
    I think I figured it out. Since I had to change the trigger out with the new stye sear the new trigger being designed for the carbine wasnt notched in front deep enough so it would go down a little further to bring the sear down. I notched the trigger where it made contact with the steel plate the Pistol has in it to keep the safety from going forward to FA. About .01 was all it took and we have action. If I have further problem maybe I can send it to you for tweaking?

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