New MAC owner, looking to identify magazines


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Mar 29, 2012
Sounds like a nice headspace to live in. One day I’d like to cross that bridge…
Dive into the 1919a4 site.......we love new blood.
Fatten up your wallet and go for it.
Not much worse than anything here...just lots of accessories that eat $$$


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Dec 11, 2022
Thanks for the Shockwave recommendations, I will order one to try out.

Next question, what options are there for 45 mags? I have a 45 upper for this as well, I don't think dad ever used it. I assume this is due to not having mags. Are there any options that support both calibers without mag-well modifications, besides an UZI conversion?
Ok so this leads me to believe this is an original Texas gun, not an SWD rebuild. Are we even talking about an SMG here? Or a semi auto closed bolt pistol? Also, don’t order a shockwave, they do NOT work in the M10, they are for the M11 only. The original Texas SMGs were sold as 45 frames that were labeled in both 9mm and 45, and they sold the 9mm upper and magazine well sleeve as a conversion kit. Texas MAC never made a gun with a dedicated 9mm magwell. The 9mm magwell TX marked guns are all SWD builds. Strange that it would be paired with single feed 9mm magazines… those earlier guns had double feed bolts. Only way those PAM mags could have worked is if the 9mm upper was purchased aftermarket from SWD and was a single feed bolt. Hard to really say much without seeing a photo of the gun.

Uzi mag conversion is the only magwell that supports both calibers without at least having to insert a conversion sleeve into the magwell for the 9mm magazines.

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