Which 53 Clone Would You Sell ?

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Mar 9, 2006
Southern New Hampshire
As the title states, I have three different 53 clones. Each was made with a US made 53 receiver with a welded insert to use AR mags instead of HK mags.

1. Coharie Arms CA53 AR pistol configured as a barreled receiver. I bought it direct from Todd Bailey during his "Going out of Roller Locked" sale. The barrel is stainless steel. I did upgrade the rear sight to a factory HK53 rear sight. The carrier is a Malaysian 33 carrier that was shortened and welded to 53 specs. I also upgraded to US made 23E cocking handle. Less than 500 rounds of use.

2. SW53 AR barreled receiver with Rim Country CHF Nitrided 53 barrel factory 53 carrier, and factory 53 rear sight and HK four prong flash hider. As with the CA53 AR, this 53 clone was made with the Special Weapons receiver and a US made 53 cocking tube. I also upgraded the US 23E cocking handle. This was put together with extra reinforcement in the AR magwell adapter by Jeff at PCS. Less than 200 rounds of use.

3. HK 53 parts from a HK53 parts kit was combined with a SW53 AR reinforced magwell adapter receiver to make a barreled receiver. This was built as a barreled receiver.

So which one would you sell and why? I am selling some stuff to pay for engineering for two submissions to the ATF. I am leaning toward the HK53 parts build because I would think that this one would bring the most money.



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Oct 12, 2005
Tampa, FL
The welded in AR mag inserts are going to kill any interest from the HK guys .....

The audience you are left with won't appreciate any custom/special work done ...... and will just compare your selling price to the current PSA AR offerings

That said, #3 seems like the one


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Jan 15, 2003
I would think the special weapons reputation would put a hurt'n fer certain on value.

I was told when he was doing the UMP stuff circa 03 or 04 on this very site to not bother with his stuff when I was looking at them.

Between having it not work and paying extra to get it running from another smith cause he wouldn't or couldn't fix them and his piss poor attitude it wasn't worth the money or effort.
The above advice was given to me over and over again on many forums and by a collector friend.

Ya know your work is bad when others say century arms makes a better gun.

With that said I'd figure you probably have the bugs worked out since you were running them with a sear Scott.

But a lot of H&K purists are not going to care just cause it's got SW stigma attached to it.

Is Turkey MKE importing a 53 type gun? I know they are doing the sp89 and mp5 stuff and even it seems hit and miss with quality from what I read on the internet.

Guys brag that it's all made on OEM H&K tooling and machines but the problem isn't that, it's the guys making them and doing QC no sprecken de dutch! and speak Arabic instead.

I can tell from your post you know a thing or 3 about them.
You mention things about them that I don't know and would't even look at to know if it was correct or not.

I'm no HK expert. With that said I would think the one built on a OEM parts kit would be the real value.

Good luck with the sale.


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Jul 11, 2023
Atlanta, GA
Depends on your goal. I'd sell #1; it's the least collectible of the bunch and I'd possibly regret the other two. Do you want to make the most money and keep the best shooter? Keep #2 and sell #3. If Jeff built it, it works and he stands by it. The 53 kit, assuming it's German, will bring the most money. A real HK collector will have it rebuilt (probably by Jeff) on a new receiver. Everyone is right that these all take a hit for having AR magwells, and I'd want proof of shooting through a mag before I bought one.

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